AGRO INKA PERU EXPORT SAC, is an export-oriented company dedicated to the cultivation, processing, packaging, and export of fresh fruits.


With over 10 years of experience, Agro Inka continues to grow stronger as an exporter of Mangoes, Avocados and Ginger in Peru.


Agro Inka provides products of the highest quality tailored to customer needs, integrating farmers into supply chains, promoting the development of human resources and ecosystem sustainability.


Thomas Grimm

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Agro Inka Peru Export GmbH Möllner Landstr. 99a 22113 Oststeinbek/ Germany
Thomas Grimm is responsible for the commercial part of the business, situated in Germany and overseeing the EU market as well as the US market. His knowledge of 10+ years in the EU market give him good networks within Europe. He is responsible for sales and controlling.

Wilmer G. Sernaque

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Calle Arequipa 642 4to Piso Oficina. 08 Piura/ Peru
Wilmer Sernaque is a grower/ exporter and the General Manager of Agro Inka Peru Export. He has been in the Business for more than 10 years and knows the markets very well. His main products are Mangos, Avocados, Table Grapes and Ginger. He lives and works from Peru, overseeing day to day tasks in Peru.